Error installing on Centos 7


Im getting the following error: Error: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.8’ not found

How can I fix it?




Hi Jonas19.
I am also using Centos7 and I was having the same issue as you. Botpress 11.x doesn’t run and gives me the same error.
It seems that botpress need a newer version of g++ than the one that CentOS use by default.
I think you can not change the centos g++ version, so you can no get botpress 11 running in centos.
This problem is only with Centos7 , as soon as I know the rest of linux distributions works great.
For having running botpress 11, what I have done is installing linux mint in a virtual machine and them running botpress 11 inside linux mint.
That way it works ok.
You don’t have these problems with botpress 10.x
Botpress 10.5 works great in CentOS (the only stable version of botpress at this moment ) and you don’t need to use a virtual machine for getting it running.
You can install botpress 10.5 by using this guide:

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


11.x isn’t stable yet so you may run into issues like this.