Enable Human Interaction in Facebook Messenger Bot

Initially, I want to create a static bot with some menu and predefined templates (like a carousel, quick access, etc). Now I only want to fire messenger BOT if a user says some predefined words (like - start) or by clicking a menu item in facebook messenger menu. The bot will not respond to any user queries and our agent can continue the conversation with the users and bot won’t disrupt that flow.

Now my current issue is that the bot is always getting triggered whenever the user asks anything. I want my agent to answer all the queries, not the bot. The bot will be there as a secondary medium of interaction and can only respond if the user asks for the bot. How I can achieve this?

And I looked into the HITL module. But how can I call the HITL API from my custom action? I tried calling the API but it requires authorization token. Previously HITL was accessible via bp.HITL but now it is removed in current 11.x version. Is there any other way to call HITL without API call from custom actions?

Another issue is, suppose I disable the bot if the incoming message is not matched with any entity. Now how can I give user a choice to enable the bot again? I know that the agent can toggle to activate the bot in the botpress admin panel. But I want to give that privilege to users. Suppose if a user says that ‘start bot’ then the bot will start responding again.