Custom Webchat Client



I’m using Botpress Server, and I’m a little stuck with creating a webchat client with a different look to the one that comes with botpress.

What pages should I be looking at to either change or to put the conversation and input section into a custom html?



Which version of botpress are you using? If you are trying 11.x, it’s not stable yet and I’d recommend using 10.x for now which is covered with docs.


I haven’t come across any documentation for v10 about how to structure a web chat client page, only the basic customisation for the existing one.

Do you know where there is any documentation about this?


@siteio-mahmoud, oh, in Botpress X it’s not possible to create completely custom webchat client-page. Sorry.


Is this going to be the same in botpress server?


I’m not sure this is on the roadmap currently. @sylvain, is it?