Create custom component

I’m trying to create a custom component in form of a date picker to show to the user. I tried following guide but I could even start creating the component.

I’m using the latest version of botpress, and I tried to copy the custom-component folder, yarn and yarn build but it tells me that module-builder folder doesn’t exists. I’m starting to think that the guide is not for v11…

Is creating a custom component the way to achieve my goal, or can it be done with skills?

Thank you.

Hello, Did you find a solution for this?

Looks like you are not using the botpress source repo as module-builder is one of the dev tools which is not available in botpress binary.

Follow along with this how to guide for more details on creating and building you custom component in Botpress v11+


@Macaret Check out How to create a custom component in Botpress? guide, this will help in understanding creation of a custom component in Botpress v11 and v12+

hi how do i make custom component in the current version??