Connect botpress bot to slack

Is there any way I can connect botpress bot to slack.

While searching I found out this one,But unable to integrate bot to slack app.

As per above document some steps not able to understand.
Inside which folder in botpress, I need to install channel-slack package?

Any help,would be grateful.


This is the Botpress 10 integration, it will not work on 12.

The Slack integration will be available in Botpress 12.1 which comes out either today or monday.


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@jbperron Thanks for replying back.Will the slack module(channel-slack.tgz) be added to the botpress module in the next release.
Please do revert back once it is released.

It’s out now.


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A question related to this - and other new features.

The database is migrated. But with new functionalities and modules come new settings which will be missing from JSON config files in the data directory that were created for earlier versions. For example, I am running an installation of Botpress that was originally 12.0.6 . That has no references to a slack channel in any of its config files.

I can locally install a vanilla instance of the latest Botpress server and manually comb through the JSON files to see what new settings there are. Is there any other way to do this that I might be missing?

Many thanks, sorry if there is an obvious answer.


please tell me, Botpress is hit the cloud or not ?


I have created a bot.
Accessing it though ngrok URL.
I have created the workspace in slack and created the app as well.
It is connected to the bot which I have created using slack secrete id’s.

Now can you please tell me how to invoke the slack chat.

Appreciate your help!!

Thanks in advance.