Condition always in choice skill not working

Say you created a choice skill with 2 options and an ‘always’ condition for the case if the user type or pick something else. When I test it in the emulator, it wont go the next flow. But somehow it is working in the Welcome Bot template, but when I try to replicate it on my own, it always doesn’t work.

Hi there!

It should definitely work for any bots, can you give us a screenshot of the flow and the choice node on your replicated bot? This will make it easier for us to debug.


Here is the flow:

Here is the choice node:

And the Emulator:

I don’t see what’s the issue here, you didn’t select A nor B. Also, no error occurred thus you weren’t redirected to any node.

What’s the expected behavior you’re trying to achieve?

This is the behavior I expected to see. This example is from the “Welcome Bot” template.

And this is the flow. Even changing the texts from this flow would make the flow broken somehow.

There is a kind of bug on the platform. You can bypass it by adding a empty node instead of go back directly.

Hi there we are having the same problem. Even with the bypass to the empty node it is not working. Is there any more info on this bug??