Changed Port Number - Error About Duckling

New Here …
IN botpress.config.json file
I change the “port”: 3000 to “port”:3001.

Stop server. Start server.

On start, server shows error in console.

13:53:33.124 Mod[nlu] Couldn’t reach the Duckling server , so it will be disabled.
For more informations (or if you want to self-host it), please check the docs at


All I changed was the port.
But my bot seems to still work.

What should I do?


After this, I set up BP to use Postgresql. Restarting BP after updating to Postgresql - no longer get this message.


I want to run BP.EXE as a service, and if something happens, it needs to come up gracefully. Will it?

I saw another post where when a change was made, a 2nd start cleared the issue.

Should I always restart BP a couple or three times after some change to environment?

Hi there!

We had some intermittent issues with our Duckling server about a week ago, it’s all back to normal now.

This was not related to your port change in any way.

If you want to make sure this won’t happen you can always host your own duckling instance and make botpress connect to that instance instead.