Carousel - Pick Location Option


Any idea on when the ‘Carousel - Pick Location’ option be enabled?


Sorry, don’t have info that yet.


Are you referring to “Pick Location” being the way to choose the location on Facebook?

If that is the case (and it doesn’t work the same on other platforms), it is not supported by Facebook in carousels/galleries and should not be there in any case

I will be submitting a pull request enhancing Single Choices (which are the true Quick Replies) with the functionality to pick locations, emails, and phones

@alex do you think we should remove “Pick Location” from the carousel type options? It is only used to give an error and apparently provides no useful functionality


@dmk23, I believe it was added as a placeholder for future feature, so I’d rather keep it. :slight_smile:


Do any platforms have a location picker attached to Cards?

Facebook certainly does not allow that, location is only offered via Quick Replies…


@dmk23, no, this isn’t implemented yet.