Can we edit css properties of the Bot in index.js file instead of innit


Hello question i have bot project and in the index.js i would like to add a custom style sheet like this:

 const webchat = {
    botName: 'CM multichannel Bot',
    botAvatarUrl: '',
    botConvoTitle: 'Multichannel Bot',
    botConvoDescription: "Be part of it!",
    backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
    textColorOnBackground: '#101E1E ',
    foregroundColor: '#1657EA',
    textColorOnForeground: '#ffffff',
    customStyleSheet: ''

my steelsheet is not having any effect

i would like to change the buttons in the webchat window but i can’t edit nothing ? can we only add custom style sheet in the innit method


Yes, you can only apply it via init method which you aren’t doing in the example above.