Can some bodey help me witha MS SQL Server conection?

Hi, do somebody can send me a gide for create and use the bot with MS SQL Server for read and send data?

Hi @andiazmx1

We don’t have a guide written yet but in the mean time I hope those instructions will help you:

  1. Inside your <botpress_data_dir>/global/actions folder, do a npm init or yarn init
  2. Install the mssql package inside that directory, e.g. npm install --save mssql.
  3. Create a new global action from the Code Editor GUI
  4. Inside your action, you can now require your mssql package and connect to your database following this doc:

You can pass secrets to your actions using environment variables starting with EXPOSED_, for example EXPOSED_MSSQL_PASSWORD, which will be available inside your action as process.env.EXPOSED_MSSQL_PASSWORD.

Hi Sylvain

Thanks for your information. I will try it.