Botpress X docker image


Looking for botpress docker image for version 10.xx instead of the botpress Server version

any help would be appreciated



@Soufyanbreda Sorry, there isn’t any docker image for the 10.x versions. We had a major overhaul for the 11.x version to make it much easier to adopt.

May I know why you can’t use Botpress 11.x ?



Version 11 was not ready for production yet so i made the bot in version X. I’m going to migrate it to version 11 fingers crossed that i don’t run into any issues


@Soufyanbreda Effectively, it was production-ready just a short time ago. We’ve put a lot of time since the mid-2018, the engine was rewritten from scratch. There is still work to be done, but it is much more powerful and flexible than 10.x.

If you have any issue when migrating, don’t hesitate to write to us here, or on an issue on GItHub.