Botpress Server (11.7.3) babel support

I am trying to transpile the botpress sources so that I can support some older browsers. After a fresh installation of Botpress Server 11.7.3 on an Ubuntu server, the default web channel module doesn’t seem to work on any Internet Explorer or Edge version. From taking a look at the console, it seems the source is using some ES6/7 features that aren’t available on IE. Is there any way to modify the babel transpiling for the pre-built binary that I downloaded directly from botpress? I think the existing transpiling documentation on the botpress site is out of date for the 11.x versions of botpress.

Any tips on getting a simple chatbot working on IE or Edge?


I would also like to add that I have similar problems on mobile devices. An iPad running safari or chrome won’t display the basic webchat example and fails due to the use of ES6 arrow functions. Surely there is a way to transpile this on the server so that I can access the webchat on a tablet?

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Did you manage to resolve the issue?

No - I ended up writing my own custom client that supported the older browsers.

What do you mean by custom client. I’m not a web developer and this may be a stupid question, but I honestly don’t know.

@Macaret what I mean is that instead of using the provided inject.js file, I wrote my own code on the frontend to “chat” to the backend bot. To implement this I took a look at the source code in botpress/modules/channel-web/src/views/lite and wrote my own javascript client using websockets. It is currently written as an AngularJS directive but I am happy to share the source with you if you think it might be useful.

@hicklin-james Anything could be helpful. Thank you.

Hello… I am struggling with making wechat work On IE 11. Does webchat work on IE 11?. Even my admin console is not opening in IE11.

Did you face similar issue which made you write your own custom code?

Can you please share your code if it’s working for IE 11