Botpress Rasa Not able to train model


Everything looks good.

Can you share the scikit-learn version?

I was facing a couple of issues with scikit-learn==0.20.0.

Try installing scikit-learn==0.19.2 and check if that helps.

Also please note that this discussion was for Botpress 10.x, where as you are using 11.x. I am not sure what has changed between these two.

I would suggest using botpress 10.x as Botpress Server (v11) currently in public beta and is not recommended for production usage just yet.


i have 0.19.2. i have verified this based on the problems mentioned with 0.20.0 in this post.


Hi there, not sure which version of botpress you are currently using.

Our team has been trying the new version recently (v11.0.4 to v11.1.0). And we use Rasa nlu provider, met the similar error. It’s because the parameters sent to ‘parse’ api of Rasa are not correct. A colleague of mine opened a issue( and submitted a pull request(

Now it’s working (still has some other bugs but won’t stop the flow). Hope it do help in your case.