Botpress proactive actions not working on internet explorer 11


Hello all,

I have deployed a chatbot on an internal website and due to some reasons the website only opens in internet explorer but the proactive actions (For triggering the chat window after loading of the page) is not working in internet explorer 11. It works totally fine in other browsers.

Is it something that the Botpress does not support IE11?

It would also be great any of you could confirm whether the proactive actions work on internet explorer in your case !

Thank you !


Are you getting any errors in IE-console?


After clearing all the cache of the browser, now the chat widget has stopped showing up as well. I think this is because I was tried changing the IE versions manually from the developer options of IE.

Here is the screenshot of the error I am getting in the IE log.


It seems to come from crypto subdependency of one of the packages. We’ll have to investigate which exactly package it is and whether it’s newer versions fix the problem.

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Thank you @alex for the reply. Yes I tried digging around it and I found that there exists a workaround for this problem Here but I am not sure which files I should look for in order to implement this fix.

Is there any way we can trace back to the file where the error is coming from?


@banoresaurabh , I’d recommend trying the following:

  1. You could run the fix on the page where you are going to show webchat
  2. Somewhere in componentWillMount of webchat index module
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Can you share your solution? Please Bot wont load in IE11


@Haythamamin Apparently the bot runs in IE11 but in my case the website on which the bot was embedded was enforcing the content to load in document mode 10 (<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">). removing that line made the bot work on the website.


Got it! Thank you @banoresaurabh

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@banoresaurabh sir i have the same issue with my botpress v11. i tried removing <meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=edge”> but still it won’t work.
javascript error is displayed in console log.


sir @sylvain please help us with this matter. thanks in advance.


@banoresaurabh @sylvain Hi sirs,

I have the same problem with @kickbutt16 with the same error. Please help us with this issue.