BotPress possible features



I’ve just started looking into BotPress. I installed it and played around with the Flow editor. But I’m having a really hard time finding some (I thought) basic information. I’m planning to use a simple date picker inside the conversation, multiple button options, or asking users to upload files.

Can this be done?

Thank you.


@Macaret Absolutely, tho this would require custom components. We have an example module on how you can achieve that. You can create your component, then inject them in the webchat easily.

There is a file upload, tho it’s not very clear on how to use it. You must use the skill Choice to send a single_choice item to the user, and the payload must be BOTPRESS.IMAGE_UPLOAD or BOTPRESS.FILE_UPLOAD. We’ll add more docs on that soon…


I tried to add a Skill Choise with BOTPRESS.IMAGE_UPLOAD as the value and it does show me a file picker, with some overlaping content, but that doesn’t matter. But that’s it, I can’t figure out how I could get access to that file and save it somewhere.


The file is actually uploaded to the OS temporary files by default. I just saw that the uploaded file name isn’t sent in the file upload event, so it’s kinda hard to get that file right now. We’re gonna fix something for this in next release

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