Botpress not recognizing Arabic Keywords


hello dears,

im trying to develop an AI based chatbot in “kurdish” language, its similar to “arabic” language.
which we use the same alphabet “ا ب ج ت …etc”

the problem is botpress can’t recognize the strings in both NLU and QnA

when you Set Answer “ansA” for Question “A”, and Answer “ansB” for Question “B”,
it can’t make a difference between the two Questions if they’re written in our language.

how can we solve this problem?
im using the latest version

thank you very much for helping us.



@rozhinahmed, the problem here is that NLU-services supported by Botpress don’t support arabic or kurdish. seems to support it, but it doesn’t have integration with Botpress yet.


RASA NLU does support kurdish language as i contacted with them, but i tried and couldn’t import RASA NLU to my botpress dashboard.