Botpress HTML embed is not working in latest version(11.6.1)


Hi Team,

Botpress HTML embed is not working in latest version(11.6.1)


@shmanoj16 What do you mean, exactly? I’ve tested it and it seems to work.

I created a bot named welcome-bot and opened the URL http://localhost:3000/assets/modules/channel-web/examples/embedded-webchat.html

Make sure that the bot is public, otherwise it won’t display when embedded.


Hi @allardy, I have run my BP in production mode. After running in production mode I was not able to get chat embed. PFB screenshots,


@shmanoj16 Try running it in verbose mode, you may have additional informations: run it with bp -vv.

Can you show me a screenshot with the list of your bots on the Admin UI? I’d also like to see the console output of the embedded webchat page (F12 on chrome)


Hi @allardy I have tried to run in verbose mode. But embedded webchat is not working :frowning: in V11.6.1.
(Note: Embedded webchat is working perfectly in V 11.5.0)

Please find the below screenshots for reference,

Admin UI:

Console Page:

Verbose Mode:


@shmanoj16 Your error look similar to this thread.

Could you please share your index.html?


@shmanoj16 An issue just identified on GitHub with those symptoms, we will fix this very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience


Thank you so much @allardy :slight_smile: