Botpress Deployment Blocking because of mp3 file


Hi Team,

The deployment gets blocked because the system does not allow copying of mp3 files. Can this be added as a non mandatory step?

Thanks in advance


@jainsourabh2 Unfortunately no, it’s not something planned for now. There is a workaround, however. When the folder assets/ui-studio/public is a symbolic link, Botpress will not overwrite it.

So, copy the assets/ui-studio from another location, and create a symbolic link to that folder.

Here’s the deploy logic:



@allardy Thanks i am able to proceed with your workaround but I am seeing a blank screen for Content and Flows after going into the bot.


@jainsourabh2 Can you share the logs of Botpress when you start up the bot? Try to start it using this command: ./bp -vvv, it will display debug logs, to see what is loaded