Bot Press Login Configuration with Database for Access Control Panel


I want to connect Bot Press Access Control Panel Authentication to my database. But right now there is just a configuration for admin user.

Access control of admin panel
login: {
enabled: process.env.BOTPRESS_ENV === ‘production’,
useCloud: process.env.BOTPRESS_CLOUD_ENABLED,
tokenExpiry: ‘6 hours’,
password: process.env.BOTPRESS_PASSWORD || ‘password’,
maxAttempts: 3,
resetAfter: 10 * 60 * 1000 // 10 minutes

Whic is default to to admin user and that user field in the form is also disable.

I have seen the Login example but that is not helping me out.

Can any body has a working example with database.


So are you trying to make botpress work with the database? Which database is that and which error are you getting?