All our favorite modules


Hie folks,

When are you planning on rolling out the most crucial modules (Messenger, HITL).

I am sure you all agree that the server version is pretty futile if it doesn’t serve the messenger channel which host the bulk of clientele. Also, A.I. has always needed a human pilot.

Its also proving next to impossible for my purchase decision makers to set aside a budget for the enterprise edition when there is no assurance that we will get these functionalities on the server edition.

The R&D guys wont even bother to test the server edition and are quite content with Botpress X open-source despite my efforts to enlighten them on the beauty of the new stock nlu engine along with all the shiny new buttons that you guys are sewing in.

I don’t wanna whine and I appreciate that you probably have a very logical and clear cut project dev plan, but please consider indulging us the users a bit here. These two functionalities will make it easier to whizzle through these daedal corporate labyrinths for the sake of progress.

Thanks for the ear!