Accessing web conversations from dashboard


Hello all,

I was wondering if there’s any way I can view all the web conversations happened with the bot (User wise) from dashboard?

Any other ways are also welcome.

Thank you !


Did you try ?


Hey @alex, yes I am using that module in the project, but I am looking for a way of viewing the queries asked to the bot which is something I couldn’t find in botpress-analytics.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.

Thanks !


@banoresaurabh, if you want to count queries, you could try using Or is it that you want to store entire queries and show them in a table or other custom format?


Hi @alex , yes I want to store entire user queries and represent them in an easily accessible form for analysis.


@banoresaurabh, analytics module isn’t capable of that. You may try to create your own module implementing it.