12.07 Analytics not working

When I go to Analytics, I see the following message:

However, I have been using the bot for several hours and many messages.

The Botpress server is set to production mode, storage mode is PostgreSQL. Deployment is on a Windows server. All other functionality and modules seem to be fine.

No apparent related error messages in the log.

Does anyone have any pointers as to where I should start looking for the cause? Many thanks!


Thanks for the report!

This will be fixed soon.


Forgot to mention, but this bug should only occur when you talk to multiple bots. There should be no bug if you only interact with one bot and wait for about 5 minutes.

I confirm: we have 2 active bots currently.

I migrated from 12.0.7 to 12.1.0, and the error persists: analytics is still not displayed, even after waiting for the recommended 5 minutes.


The patch is not written yet, but it’s on our task board.

It should be released with 12.1.1 or 12.1.2 (which means by the end of next week)

I’ll write on this feed when it’s fixed


Oh perfect, thanks!

No worries. I wrote because I thought the patch was already applied. :slight_smile:

The fix is written. It will be part of Botpress 12.1.2 which should be released this week or next week.

If you need the feature right now, you can run botpress from its raw sources with nodejs. You’ll find the sources on our repo. The fix is in branch “patch/12-1-2”.

If not, stay tuned for the release of 12.1.2.


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